Darn those election laws!

Well darn it all.

What’s become of Colorado politics when you can’t just collect up a pile of money from your ‘successful*’ pals and run a good old fashioned hard-core smear campaign? All those pesky election laws that keep getting in the way and making it hard for you to cover up for your boar-huntin buddies!

Colorado Ethics Watch highlighted this story from the Colorado Independent:

As the head of Clear the Bench Colorado, firebrand Matt Arnold has toured conservative activist events across the state this past year asking Coloradans to vote against retaining members of the state’s supreme court. He argued and is arguing in the last weeks before the November elections that members of the bench are liberal activists who disdain the law. In recent days, an administrative courts judge and the elections director for the state informed Arnold that he failed to follow the laws that govern the form of political activity in which he has been engaging.

The latest chapter in the winding legal tale came Wednesday in the form of a letter issued by Judd Choate (pdf), elections division director with the secretary of state, who wrote that Arnold must alter the activity of or terminate his incorrectly registered issue committee, Clear the Bench, and that Arnold can legally transfer none of the money he has collected for Clear the Bench to any new political committee he might file to operate. Choate also informed Arnold that for the entire year Clear the Bench has existed, it has failed to properly file campaign finance reports.

What?! More paperwork filing issues? Where’s those accountability czars when you need em?!?

Luckily we’ll have no more such silliness as transparency and accountability in Longmont – those things get in the way of progress**. You can thank none other than Brian Baum and Gabe Santos for that – true heroes of the teabaggin right.

Don’t worry Longmont, once the Lunatic Fringe takes over, everything will get better. Not for you “little people,” but really, who cares about you?

* or as those scurrilous lefties and activist judges call ’em: crooks

** draining public funds into far-right private pockets

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