Hang in there Dan!

I don’t care what anyone says about Dan Maes campaign finances, he’s still the guy I’d vote for if I were a wealthy far-far-right Republican. He won the GOP primary after all. I think all this fuss about financial chaos is just Tancredo’s camp trying to drive him off – with the quiet behind-the-scenes help of Dick Wadhams. Mr Wadhams, who can’t stand Tanc, realizes Maes is going to trainwreck the CO GOP right to the bottom of the ballot. So, despite any talk-radio dustup between he and the teeny Tanc I suspect Mr. Wadhams will find some way to get rid of Maes – why, his salvation might be right here in Longmont. So, be careful out there Dan, you’ve got people with a lot of money and not one single scruple working to stop you. Keep up the brave fight, you’re making those folks on far right edge of the Bell curve proud. Don’t let a little paperwork trip you up now! You and Scott Gessler will bring real accountability to Colorado government, assuming the sticky notes hold out.

(readers may wish to wipe the tears of laugher from their eyes now)

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