Clear Choice for CU Regent

Colorado voters must elect Melissa Hart to the CU Board of Regents. Serving six-year terms, those elected will steer CU through the most significant financial crisis it has faced in a long time. What kind of university will we have in six years? Will CU be so elitist it serves only a small segment of the population? Will it become largely privatized? The values and commitments held by Board members help shape the principles that guide CU.  At-large candidate, Professor Melissa Hart, teaches in CU’s Law School and is a generation younger than her opponent and former banker, Steve Bosley, a 1968 graduate.  We deserve strong, experienced advocates for public education to serve on the Board.  Hart will fight for affordable and accessible education and insure CU’s continued role as an economic driver for Colorado.

The choice is clear.

Shari Malloy

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