Hypocrites, Liars and Alternate Realities

It's getting hairy for Justice Thomas

From top to bottom Republicans can’t tell the truth. It would take an encyclopedia to list all the lies that they tell. Every branch of our government, every jurisdiction from federal to local has been victimized by the Republican lack of a moral character. Clearly there is a pathology that consumes the rightwing, and that is all that remains of Republicanism.

For whatever reason, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife felt compelled this past week to leave a voice message for Brandeis University Professor Anita Hill asking for an apology for her testimony 19 years ago at Thomas’ Senate confirmation hearing. Virginia Thomas would have been better to let that dog lie and to lie with him in silence.

Robert Parry, writing for the Consortium of Independent Journalism, reports that, “On Friday, former federal prosecutor Lillian McEwen, one of Thomas’s girlfriends in the 1980s, broke a long silence and confirmed that Thomas did engage in sexual harassment of women at work and did discuss pornography in the way that Anita Hill and other women described to the Senate during Thomas’s confirmation hearings in 1991.”

Clarence Thomas told the Senate Judiciary Committee, “If I used that kind of grotesque language with one person, it would seem to me that there would be traces of it throughout the employees who worked closely with me, or the other individuals who heard bits and pieces of it or various levels of it.”

Thomas accused Democrats of a “high-tech lynching” in an incendiary effort to arouse moral outrage from African Americans and others who fought against discrimination of blacks. And the rightwing attack machine, though in its pre-Fox (Faux) News earlier days, came out in force to save his nomination.

According to a Washington Post article by Michael A. Fletcher, “McEwen scoffs softly when asked about Thomas’s indignation, which has barely cooled in the 19 years since the hearings. In his vivid 2007 memoir, the justice calls Hill a tool of liberal activists outraged because he did not fit their idea of what an African American should believe.”

In the interview with the Washington Post, McEwen states, “I have no hostility toward him. It is just that he has manufactured a different reality over time. That’s the problem that he has.”

Manufacturing alternate realities, from constitutional interpretations such as Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission to the denial of scientifically established climate change, clearly is fundamental to conservatism.

In 1998 Republicans drooled over impeaching President Bill Clinton for his dalliance with intern Monica Lewinsky and his lies to conceal it. Though successful in the House, the Senate refused to strip Clinton of his position as President of the United States. Both the Senate and the American public believed that Clinton’s sexual behavior, in spite of his lie to cover up his actions, was insufficient grounds to remove him from office and had no relevance to his performance of his presidential duties.

It is now abundantly clear that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas perjured himself in order to secure a seat on the highest court of the land.

Lying to Congress is a felony. While the criminal statute of limitations for non-capital offenses is five years and has long since expired, the U.S. House of Representative has a moral obligation to impeach Justice Thomas for his perjury and the U.S. Senate should remove him from the bench.

The American people are entitled to have Supreme Court justices who adhere to the law when passing final judgment on United States laws and constitutional interpretations. A justice who would break the law has no business defining it.

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