Is This What You Want?

We tried it their way once before - remember?

Are you sitting there bored with all the political chatter? Are you mistrustful of both parties or do you consider them all to be bought and paid for? Do you think that Obama has not lived up to his promises and it simply doesn’t matter who wins in the many elections for Congress? Well, listen up and I’ll tell you what you can expect if the Republicans take the majority in Congress this year.

The best thing that will happen once the “loyal opposition” takes charge of Congress will be that they do absolutely nothing. It will be even worse than in the last sessions as the Congress refuses to pass any of the measures that the President recommends. In turn, Congress will pass a series of measures that will negate any programs or reforms that have been passed by the out-going Congress. They will vote to close the education programs and reinstate “No Child Left Behind” so that our kids will all be left behind. They will revoke all the provisions of the Health Care Reform so that you will lose your insurance should you become seriously ill; you will be unable to insure a disabled child; your college student will no longer be allowed to remain on your policy and your premiums will continue to rise; your unemployment insurance will run out and there will be no extension to help sustain your family until you can get another job, which is unlikely since nobody will be trying to create programs to encourage job creation.

Of course, all those “Republican ideas” will not happen should the President choose to do anything but sit at his desk and wield his veto pen on all the cockamamey giveaways to the super-rich and the revocations of all the reforms that have been accomplished. Even then, we can’t expect anything at all to be accomplished during the next two years. We will be in a state of doldrums so that economic conditions will, at the end of those two years, be as bad as they were at the end of Hoover’s term. The investment banks will find newer and more duplicitous ways to get what money remains in the working class until we will all have lost our homes and have to work at slave wages for enough bread to feed our families and ourselves as we try to find outdoor shelters to keep us from the elements. And, of course, we can just forget obtaining any medical care since we certainly won;t be able to pay the ever-increasing premiums on the policies. And don’t bank on free charity clinics because there won’t be any. Neither will there be any soup lines for very long as the charities that run them will also run out of money without the Federal assistance on which many of them depend.

You may think I am exaggerating but I must tell you this. I was born in 1930 and I remember the abject poverty of the working people during the latter part of that decade. We lived on farms in the more remote areas and not a week went by that men would not stop at our house to offer to work for food. As they ate whatever was offered, they would tell us of wives and children left behind as they removed themselves from the household so that there would be one less mouth to feed on few vegetables that his wife could raise in the back yard or consume the tiny amounts that his wife could earn taking in laundry or ironing. They could barely earn enough “on the road” to keep up their own strength so they could work a bit and go on down the road, searching for “greener pastures.”

Should these things happen again, every working-class American will be despising you almost as much as you despise yourself for listening to the right-wing propaganda, doubting your own principles, and “teaching Obama a lesson” instead of getting up and going to the polls to try to avert a Republican take-over of Congress in January.

If that is really what you want, then go for it, Brother! Just keep your mouth shut about it after the sky falls on you. It may be dangerous out there.

This writer is eighty years old and has spent a half century working with handicapped and deprived people and advocating on their behalf while caring for her own working-class family. She spends her “Sunset Years” in writing and struggling with The System.

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