Gabe’s Old Boss

Gabe Santos 2009

Councilman Gabe Santos is likely watching at least one news story at the moment: his old boss Tom Delay is finally coming to trial.

Here’s what Yahoo News had to say about Delay:

DeLay was once one of the most powerful Republicans in Congress. As the No. 2 leader in the House, he earned the nickname “the Hammer” for his heavy-handed style in bringing recalcitrant members of the GOP into line for votes.

When he was running for City Council, Mr. Santos (Delay’s former Washington, DC office manager) was asked if he knew why Delay was nicknamed ‘The Hammer‘ – he demurely claimed he didn’t know. That stretches credulity in my opinion. Especially from the man who was up close and personal with the business end of said ‘hammer.’

Delay is being charged with money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Isn’t it incredibly ironic that his office manager has his own scandal? During the election that swung Longmont’s City Council to the right an email from Santos surfaced with the simple instruction ‘Let the attacks begin.’ It came after an article was posted to the internet detailing Santos’ connection to Delay. The email was addressed to a group of Longmont’s oligarchs as well as to the local media owner and the head political reporter. A savage campaign of anonymous smears and attacks against Santos’ opponents ensued – reminiscent of Delay’s own brutality. The campaign was successful and Tom Delay’s old office manager became Longmont’s newest councilmember.

The facts haven’t magically gone away – it’s clear there was a group of powerful Longmont politicos that wanted control of the City Council back – at any cost – and they got it.

Now we’ve seen six-digit refunds to supporters, lucrative lawsuits settled, the election transparency board dissolved and now another six-digit handout to a local business.

Mayor Baum has declared that Longmont is ‘Open for Business.’ It’s quite apparent that it’s the taxpayer’s pocket that’s been ‘opened’ and the local businessmen are benefitting handsomely. Good return on investment – but not for the residents. You know, those ‘little people’ that always seem to end up under the ‘hammer.’

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