Nod from Ft. Collins Coloradoan equals defeat?

I have to say I was less-than-enthused by any ‘endorsement‘ by the Ft Collins Coloradoan. (story at Colorado Pols)

I remind readers of the sudden departure of Dorothy M. Bland and Michael Limon. Gannett has never shown any inclination to explain this change and the paper went to the great lengths to attack Angie Paccione when she ran. Paccione lost by a tiny margin after Musgrave’s team used every single dirty trick in the book, including ‘blocking’ at the one debate – filling seats with below-voting-age kids bussed in from Colorado Springs and having kids from a religion-based home-schooling outfit walking precincts. Musgrave’s next term was not a good time for the economy and the Coloradoan‘s circulation surely reflected that. So the throat-cutting in 2005 was apparently all for naught. The Markey endorsement, to me, is nothing more than a clear a sign of lesson learned and Dems shouldn’t celebrate just yet. The results of the recent election bear that out.

A local writer ‘Stygius‘ had this to say back in 2005:

Gannett makes a lot of money running lousy local newspapers, and so far it’s been a winning formula. Since no company in their right mind is going to try and start up a second daily operation in small communities, they get away with it.

So forgive me for not jumping for joy at this endorsement. The Coloradoan‘s management can obviously do the math – Gardner gets elected, backs the GOP/Tea Party agenda, the economy takes another huge hit and guess what – newspaper subscriptions go down… and they’re flat out of throats to slash this time around. Lucky for some. Looks like they’ll be looking for more seats to empty because here comes Gardner.

Understanding which side the bread’s buttered on is a basic survival skill to newspapers. Regardless of how ‘red’ Ft Collins is, it comes down to selling wood pulp. At the end of the day the economy is what controls their endorsements I believe and Markey would have helped improve the economy while Gardner will do everything he can (or is told to do) to throw wrenches into the gears – likely causing financial disaster in Colorado. Pity the Coloradoan didn’t speak up a bit sooner. Of course the Longmont Times-Call‘s management dropped nearly $10,000 on Tancredo’s bid for governor and look what it bought them…

The Coloradoan editorial board all but said that:

But we came away unclear as to what he would do specifically to get the economy rolling again.

So, kudos to Betsy Markey for being the obvious choice for ‘getting the economy rolling again’ but as always, consider the source.

I hope the Coloradoan’s editorial board keeps after Gardner to answer the question “What will you do specifically to get the economy rolling again?” the time for teabagger rhetoric is over – lets have some real answers now that you’ve gotten the office.

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