How cronyism and incompetence are destroying the Democrats in Colorado

From SquareState by MikeD1970

As Democrats/progressives we don’t have a lot to be proud of after this election.  Yes Hickenlooper won the governorship, but it’s not like there was any doubt.  We barely held on to the Senate seat, but in doing so cost ourselves a lot more.  This diary is about how the Colorado democrats nearly lost everything because of incompetence and decisions made because of personal allegiances over professional ability.
This is going to be long, but I think the full story needs to be heard to understand…

First I just wanted to say that for those of you who followed my diaries/comments over the campaign I stopped blogging for awhile mostly out of loyalty to the party and progressive agenda.  I was (and am) no fan of Michael Bennet, but I put that aside and voted how I had to in order to make sure the Ken Bucks didn’t get into office.  Staying off the blogs seemed like the best option, as I really couldn’t bring myself to say much nice about Bennet besides him not being Buck.  To be clear, this isn’t about Bennet or even much about the Bennet campaign.  I’m thankful not to have Buck as Senator.

Back during the primary the Colorado Democratic Party had to hire an executive director to run the day to day operations — normal for a campaign year.  Chairwoman Pat Waak chose the wife of Bennet campaign Coordinator Adam Dunstone: Jenni Peek-Dunstone…a decision that sparked quite a few questions about the party’s neutrality.

There’s much more. Go read the entire article and then get angry and demand some answers from your state party.

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