Extremism Loses in Colorado

Tom Tancredo's campaign went down in flames, taking a lot of Times-Call money with it

While this Nov. 2 was a terrible night in many ways for Colorado Democrats, they do have some good news: the Terrible Three were all defeated soundly, Dan Martin didn’t even get close to being County Clerk and Tom Tancredo went down in flames spectacularly – Dan Maes even more so.

I think it’s pretty obvious that the extremists in Colorado got a good dose of what the Dems got and I suspect they’ll take their medicine with a lot less dignity than the Dems.

As usual with politics the pendulum swings – this time to the right, next time back to the left. Hopefully the Dems will wake up, grow a pair and realize that just being obstructionists like the GOP won’t work. They have control of the Senate but you can count on the couple of crazy teabaggers that did get elected to be pushing all sorts of wild ideas through the house with the red-faced help of the mainstream GOP. The Dems need to make sure the voters see that the GOP is letting the far-right lunatic fringe drive the country into ruin. The threats to cut government now have to be either realized or admitted as lies and the teabaggers will have to start being specific about their intended cuts – that’s when the real fun begins.

Every time the teabaggers want to cut a program it’s going to hurt some GOP constituency and you can bet money the howlers will be coming for their heads, not the Dems. Being the majority party means being accountable, something the GOP’s never been good at, so good luck with that guys.

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