Palin’s skeletons

It’s funny how the far right has so many different standards – always drawing a hard line on ‘transparency’ when it concerns their Democratic counterparts but suddenly going soft when one of their heroes is the target of scrutiny.

Some would call this hypocrisy, others would call it obstruction of justice. I just call it cowardly and crooked – the calling cards of the GOP.

One of the right’s clown princesses, Sarah Palin has managed to keep her official emails quiet. You know, the emails while in office as Governor of Alaska (before she quit and abandoned her sworn duty).

Remember how Longmont’s loudest mouth howled and screeched about Council members and how all their emails should be public? Hm. Not a peep about this issue. Golly. How ironic.

Guess it’s another case of OKIYAR (OK If You’re A Republican).

Oh, and this obfuscation by the protectors of Caribou Barbie has gone on for years – since 2008.

I can’t wait to see those emails, bet good money there’s enough there to scuttle any Presidential run.

So it will be hilarious when they’re finally made public – likely square in the middle of the campaign if current GOP candidate-management trends continue.


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