Arrogant Ignorance — Your New Year may not be so happy

By Stephen Pizzo, @ Buzzflash

No more coddling morons!

Ignorance - the new family 'value'?

The last few years have been unnaturally kind to America’s willfully ignorant. Fox News provided aid, comfort, voice and encouragement to America’s once (wisely) silent-moron demographic.

Now the dumb-and-dumbers out there not only believe the unbelievable, the unverifiable and the unreal, they believe it all with prideful swagger and aggressive pushiness. Arrogant ignorance is no longer an oxymoron — it’s a growing political movement.

Thinking Americans have been complicit in this since we don’t like making anyone feel uncomfortable by challenging their cherished beliefs. And the commercial media has taken moron-coddling to a new level. When was the last time you read a story in which the reporter aggressively challenged utter nonsense and provably untrue “facts?”

Instead of challenging these geysers of stupidity, the commercial media treats them as “balanced views.” Since when has stupidity and ignorance amounted to “balance?” The answer is, only recently. Well, not in 2011.

Morons beware. You will be challenged, and challenged publicly. My goal will be to embarrass every willful, strutting moron that makes the mistake of crossing my path, and continue after them until they retreat back to their comfort of their own kind and stay there.

When I’m done with them even our craven, value-vacant politicians will no longer give their kind the time of day.

And forget al Qaeda. If you want to fight terrorists who have already caused more damage to America than bin Laden could dream of, then tackle the terror of politically empowered ignorance that’s alive and well right here at home.

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