Times-Call – on a diet

Bloated and struggling, the Times-Call appears to be on a diet

The weight loss has been slow and subtle so you may not have noticed. And, of course, many of you who read Free Range Longmont stopped subscribing to the Times-Call years ago. You may or may not even visit the local “fishwrap” (as one of our editors frequently describes it). Even the online version has lost weight, with the notable exception of the persistent posters who live in an alternative universe.

A trek through the Larimer County website shows no change in ownership. The Loveland Politics blog, a veritable gossip website at least about the Lehmans, suggests that Media News Group may have even walked away from the deal.

However, there are signs of Singleton both in print and online. One method Dean Singleton, CEO of Media News Group, uses is to piggyback his reporters. That’s now more visible at the Times-Call. Another method is to reduce the representation of print articles in the online version of a paper. This, too, is happening with some degree of frequency by the Times-Call. And even when an article does appear online, it may not be the complete article.

And, of course, the paper is getting skinnier – as in the number of pages. The number of Times-Call reporters is dwindling. And if it weren’t for Associated Press, McClatchy Newspapers, Bloomberg News, and an assortment of syndicated columnists and editorials and other borrowings from assorted newspapers, the Times-Call would be even skinnier.

The freebies it receives in the form of letters to the editor and guest opinions plus the inanity that shows up on T-C Line also fill local space. Local obits round things out, but, hey, they are paid for by the “next of kin.”

Such is the story of a hometown newspaper whose diet has gone sour.

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