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U.S. to launch public database of complaints about products

By Lyndsey Layton
The Washington Post
Posted: 01/10/2011 01:00:00 AM MST

WASHINGTON — The federal government is poised for the first time to make public thousands of complaints it receives each year about safety problems with various consumer products.

The compilation of consumer complaints, set to be launched online in March by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has been hailed by consumer advocates as a resource that will revolutionize the way people make buying decisions.

Great! It’s like Consumer Reports but with more budget and more detail! The corporocrats must be poopin their silk undies. Until this database came along you practically had to pull teeth and then fight your way past a team of corporate lawyers to find out if they’d been having people get killed by their products. And even if they’ve had a small town die from using their product, you have to fight the corporate lawyers for permission to tell the world. Personal accountability it seems is not so much in vogue with persons of the ‘virtual’ kind as in corporations. Not very Republican of them… but I digress.

You can bet (big) money the big corporations will do everything in their power (and budget) to stop this since it would introduce something American industry has all but forgotten: accountability.

I wonder how Ralph Nader feels about this?

Here’s a video about how to submit a report in the public database.

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