U.S. to Protect Union Organizing Laws

The National Labor Relations Board announced it plans to sue four states — Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah – to overturn recently approved state constitutional amendments that prohibit private sector workers from choosing a union through a process known as “card check.” The four states’ amendments would require the use of secret ballot elections, while federal law makes card check a possible option.

In a statement, the labor board said, “The four amendments differ in language, but all conflict with federal law by closing off a well-established path to union representation recognized by the Supreme Court and protected by the National Labor Relations Act.”

Card check is an alternative to secret elections. Employers typically do not like the method because it removes the two-month electioneering period before the vote and affirms union representation by signed cards by a majority of the affected employees. Labor officials sometimes prefer this method to protect employees from bullying by employers and threats to close the operation. The latter scares employees who need their jobs.

As a member of management in the 1970s, I saw the bullying and misinformation first hand when the company’s drivers sought to unionize.

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  1. January 15, 2011 at 12:53 am

    Colorado has its share of union-busting businesses – I worked at one. Basically the owner went through the shop demanding to know how people were going to vote on the union. Any that admitted they were FOR it were fired on the spot – a Federal crime. This is routine union-busting and it’s way past time for one of these crooked creeps to get caught and pilloried in full view of the public. Union-busting is wrong, cowardly and point-blank un-American… but very popular in Colorado, home of the Ludlow massacre.

  2. Gregory Iwan
    January 15, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    We have the best government money can buy, so why do we wail so? Social justice? Hey, folks think they’re being “social” with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. They’re anything but. Everybody is out for himself, and it’s a loser’s game to associate or to assemble much of anything. The sad thing is, the more any government tries to impose fairness, the more the moneyed crowd runs to “friendlier” territory. I hope that bunch likes it where they’ve doen the expat routine. I for one would not like living in the political environment extant in places like China, Zimbabwe, Russia, Venezuela, the Philippines, Panama, Myanmar, or even Turkey or Ukraine. You don’t get something for nothing. How pitiful that some cannot see when they are well off (and by helping others to be well off, they increase their wealth, standing, and spirit). Our society might be better off if all of us were deaf and blind, instead of only a few of us.

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