The anti-environment folks are full of bull(dozer)

“Longmont conservatives will fight oppressive environmentalism to the death. Just wait til we get our seven anti-enviro, common-sense capitalists on city council in 2011!”

The above comment recently appeared in response to a Longmont Ledger article on the first home in Longmont built using the city’s updated residential green built program. The city adopted the National Association of Home Builders 2008 National Green Building Standard ICC 700-2008 Code on December 22, 2009.

I’ve watched “nogreenie” pop up from time to time both on the Ledger and on the Times-Call comments streams. He appears to be a member of the builder/developer community. If so, he is clearly out of step with his own colleagues who developed, endorsed and promoted the code that was adopted by Longmont.

“nogreenie” identifies himself as a conservative. By today’s definition, I suppose he is. However, today’s so-called conservatives have embraced irresponsibility in their public policy positions. They have come from the fictional, market fundamentalist Ayn Rand school that believes in the free market as if it were a literal, infallible Bible.

Good government is a balance of beliefs and thoughts from balanced individuals. It does not seek to silence differences. The obsessed “conservative” thought of Longmont wants to eliminate differences of opinion. Apparently, in the final analysis they fear that expression of differences will overtake their agenda.

The nation is capitalist. That will not change. The only issue is what kind of capitalism – responsible or unbridled.

“nogreenie” is undoubtedly part of the financial supporters who chose to use any means at their disposal to capture a Longmont City Council majority in 2009, a majority of, by and for unrestricted development and taxpayer dollars freely disbursed to its proponents. This was accomplished not just with the financial backing of Western Tradition Partnership, who accepts confidential contributions from any and all who think in the same manner, including contributions from out of the country, but with campaign tactics that brought differences of opinion to a level of ugliness that had not been seen before in Longmont’s recent history.

“nogreenie” has signaled that Longmont will be subjected to more outside money and more dirty politics in the upcoming 2011 local elections with the objective of eliminating any view that does not endorse policies that benefit only the moneyed special interests in the community.

If the community wants a government of the extreme right that merges state and business leadership in a seamless, indistinguishable manner, they will follow the lead of “nogreenie.”

If they would prefer a marketplace of ideas, they will reject this totalitarian objective.

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  1. Gregory Iwan
    January 15, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    How can there be a “marketplace” of ideas where nobody thinks for himself? The “average” person watches four hours of television per day (which implies being subjected to around 100 commercials), and is glued to a cell phone for another two hours. Coming or going, there can be little if any exchange of ideas, rational or otherwise. For a marketplace to exist there must be value implicit or explicit (in the latter case there would be implied buying or selling), and a viable currency to facilitate exchange. Some say the latter fits the media and telecom. But neither is free, so cui bono? If there is buying and selling, the Houston we have a problem. It seems as if everyone knows elections are bought in the USA, but nobody does anything about it. It’s much like the weather. “Take back ‘your’ country,” indeed. If those shouting that slogan had any idea where it has really gone they would have to actually revolt against the upside-down economic pyramid we’ve let ourselves build, and purge the system of its greed, cynicism, and corruption. And we would actually have to stop the “transfer of wealth” that has been going on for decades — only it hasn’t been traveling DOWNward, young Padouin. It is and has always been true: all that is necessary for the triumph of evil over good is that enough good men do nothing.

  2. misterioso
    January 15, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    (gibberish deleted) – email given: as1633@yahoo.com – unverifiable.

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