How would you “brand” Longmont?

The City of Longmont is seeking community input in how to “brand” the community. Branding Longmont to the outside world is an issue that has been winding its way through city halls and departments for a few years.

There is much so celebrate about Longmont. It is a gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. It has open space, wildlife, greenways for hiking and biking, and Union Reservoir (perhaps to soon be known as Longmont Lake).

It has a charming downtown.

It has caring and helpful people.

And it has made environmental progress in spite of the railings of some whose only interest in green is what they can take to the bank.

Without community input, it is likely that Mayor Baum’s trite slogan of “Open for Business” will carry the day. While we all want Longmont to “grow” and progress, how that happens is the bone of contention. Do we want to signal that Longmont will give those who subscribe to the Gospel of Greed anything their hearts — strike that — wallets desire? That Longmont is “for sale” to the lowest bidder? Or do we want to encourage growth by those who value the unique gifts the community has to offer?

Speak up! Or others will speak for you and the results may be disappointing. The final decisions will stick and considerable money will be spent promoting the “brand.”

A “do-over” later will not be an option.

The City and its economic development partners have been working on a community brand. Please join us at one these meetings to contribute your ideas, from mild to wild, on ways we can tell the world about Longmont: Thursday, January 27, 9 to 10 am, at the Longmont Library, Room A, 409 4th Ave.; Friday, January 28, 2 to 3 pm, at the Longmont Library, Room A, 409 4th Ave.; Wednesday, February 2, from 6 to 7 pm, at the Longmont Museum & Cultural Center, 400 Quail Rd.; Thursday, February 17, from 6 to 7 pm, at the Safety & Justice Center Community Room, 225 Kimbark St. RSVP to the City Manager’s Office at 303-651-8601 or e-mail

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