Hurry! Have babies – NOW

Religion, the original 'viral' meme

Religious people are going to inherit the earth, or so says Robert Rowthorn, a British economics professor.

How so, you say? Well, according to other research, religious people carry a “religiosity gene,” meaning they inherit a predisposition toward religious belief.

According to Rowthorn and his mathematical model, the religiosity gene works best if you mate with someone else who has the religiosity gene. Extrapolating from this and demographic data that indicates that the religious have more babies than the non-religious, Rowthorn contends that the gene combined with the practice of religion will result in the world becoming more religious rather than less.

Rowthorn has crafted a complete theory around the results of his modeling. He writes, “For religion to influence genetic evolution, it must convey some kind of selective advantage. Such an effect might come through social bonding via ritual, formation of group identity through myth, honest signaling through participation in costly ceremonies, and adherence to social norms through love or fear of God.”

Using statistics gathered between 1981 and 2004, adults who attend weekly religious service have on average 2.5 children while those who never attend have an average of 1.67 children. And more secular societies have lower birth rates than religious societies.

But according to Rowthorn, all bases are covered. We shouldn’t worry about religious defectors, because those who have the gene will spread it widely into surrounding populations. And all of this is to transpire in the space of a few generations.

It now makes a lot more “sense” that fundamentalists – Catholic, evangelical and others – are so against contraception. Or at least it makes sense if they presume a “religiosity gene” to go along with church attendance and the objective to spread the word and to take Dominion

Rowthorn contends that scientists agree that features of the human brain affect belief in the supernatural, obedience to authority and other characteristics. I don’t doubt that. American scholar Bob Altmeyer’s behavioral research on the authoritarian conservative tends to support this. He posed the very weighty question, What happens when “authoritarian conservatives” inherit the earth?

So, secularists, stop taking the pill, remove your IUDs, and make love daily, but do it with humility. After all, didn’t Jesus say that the meek should inherit the earth? I don’t recall anything about the earth being inherited by the religious. But don’t expect any financial assistance – whether for basics, education or anything else – from the fundamentalists. They only care about babies BEFORE they are born.

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