Gessler’s shills don’t get it

Scott Gessler

Cut taxes but give me a raise - HUH? came to be due to the loud and unhinged rantings of the rabid right lunatic fringers in Longmont. There are those on the very edge of that fragmented and foolish fringe who think they can dismiss Longmont’s Progressive community with lies and name-calling. I’m sad to inform these deluded folks that high school was over a long time ago and crying that you’re being bullied just doesn’t work like it did back when (especially since you probably weren’t and were just being a loud-mouthed brat… apparently some things never change).

Gessler’s supporters keep pushing the meme that he wasn’t asking for anything unusual when in truth it’s a direct and obvious conflict of interest for someone that runs the elections in Colorado to be involved in cases about election law.

Now these stalwart tax-cutters are trying to claim that government employees aren’t paid enough – say what? This from the Grover Norquist school of ‘drag government into the bathroom and drown it in the tub’? Wouldn’t increasing salaries for elected officials increase the ‘size’ of government – especially since their mighty teabagging hero Dan Maes claimed he’d ‘walk in the door and start firing people.’ Now they’re arguing for raises? I’ve never failed to be astounded at how the far-right can turn any conversation on a dime and claim there’s no hypocrisy. In this case they’re failing epicly.

I do agree, however, that this debacle has opened the door for a healthy discussion about pay levels for elected officials. Here’s a concept:

How about all the teabagger candidates showing their resolution to ‘cut taxes’ by taking a voluntary 10% pay cut?

Any takers? I bet there won’t be – the tea party is all talk and all of that is bullshit.

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