GOP destroying jobs

From Say It Ain’t So Already:

Hey, Who Cares If Our Food’s Contaminated?

OK folks.  Here is a partial list of what the Republicans want to cut from the “jobs killing” budget:

Job training programs $2 billion — I thought they were going zero in like a laser on creating jobs.

Environmental Protection Agency $1.6 billion — Wouldn’t want their corporate benefactors to have to deal with any anti-pollution regs, now would we.

National Institutes of Health $1 billion  — Who cares about finding cures for diseases, huh?  Let’s leave it up to the “private sector.”

Science programs $1.1 billion  — We’ll let China take care of the science stuff.

High-speed rail $1 billion — Oil is going to run out eventually.

Community health centers $1.3 billion  — Pay now or pay later.

Clean water programs $950 million –  Pfsst.  Clean water?  What are we?  A bunch of babies?

Cleaner energy $900 million  — Again, oil is going to run out eventually.  Love this foward-looking stuff.

Child nutrition for the poor $758 million  — Who cares if our kids are malnourished to the point of being developmentally disabled huh?

Centers for Disease Control $755 million  — Just wait until the next flu epidemic when there’s no CDC to warn us or track its progress.

Internal Revenue Service $593 million — So, we aren’t going to collect taxes?  How’s that gonna work in terms of funding even the most basic stuff — the stuff they want to keep?

Community block grants $405 million — Crumbling cities?  No problem.

Family planning $327 million — Hey, lets all have 12 kids!

Treasury Department $268 million  — Whatever.

State, local law enforcement $256 million — They don’t care if we’re out here, sick, dying because we’re breathing polluted air and drinking tainted water, robbing each other because we’re unemployed.  They’ll be in their gated communities.

Amtrak rail service $224 million — Again, crowded freeways?  They don’t have to drive on them.

Food and Drug Administration $220 million — The next time people are dropping dead because of contaminated spinach, we’ll be on our own.

Hey, why don’t they just ship us all to Somalia?

Also from Say It Ain’t So Already:

Republicans are out with a list of programs and agencies they want to cut in order to “reduce the deficit.”  You know, things they think are frivolous, like job training and clean water programs.  But hidden behind all the bluster is this:

As things now stand, the budget deficit will be $1.500 trillion for this fiscal year. If the GOP has their way, it will be $1.477 trillion. That’s a cut of merely 1.5% . Despite everything the GOP is going after, our budget deficit will be 98.5% of what it would have been otherwise — virtually unchanged. In other words, the only thing they didn’t slash was the budget deficit.

What this exercise proves is that the Republican approach doesn’t represent a serious effort at deficit reduction. Instead, it’s an exercise in targeting programs that help the kinds of people Republicans don’t like. They really don’t care about deficit reduction: the GOP’s precious tax cuts for the wealthy added nearly twice as much to the deficit as the total amount of cuts in this proposal.

Exactly right.

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