Wisconsin Teabaggers 200 : Pro-Union Supporters 70,000

From NBC:

UPDATED Saturday, February 19, 2011 — 12:55 p.m.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Thousands of protesters* have gathered outside the Wisconsin Capitol for a fifth day of demonstrations on a budget bill that would strip public employees of most of their collective bargaining rights.

The bill has been pushed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Hundreds of his supporters** have gathered on the east side of the Capitol but they are surrounded by thousands of pro-labor protesters.

As usual, the teabaggers are limp-wristed old white men and their pasty spouses, overdressed and overwrought.

Lots of talk but no substance – and lots of no-shows.

The far right’s prayer of starting violence just isn’t being answered. I found one report of a pro-union demonstrator unplugging a speaker and being attacked by more than thirty wingnuts (probably many of them armed and itching to kill someone). The police were called because the pro-Walker supporters were being violent, not the pro-union demonstrator.

So lets see… 1 in 70,000 does something objectionable, 30  in 200 attack him. Yep, those union supporters sure do seem to be the violent ones. The teabaggers are lying and distorting facts.

Ask me if I’m surprised.

* 70,000 by most counts, including an official count by police of “60,000 outside and 8,000 inside”

** 200 or less but no official counts given and the right-wing media outlets are dancing around it trying to cover it up.

Since the teabaggers wanted some video, here’s a great music video about the protest:

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protest from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

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