For those who have none

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The GOP's newest victims - via Social Security cuts.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
—Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa

As the country continues to try and come to grips with the second great depression, what is being lost is the very soul of our nation. Republican lawmakers, pundits and their wealthy supporters continue to gut the middle class and in the process are creating even more poverty.

Conservatives rail against abortion clinics and for the rights of the unborn. Conservative support of right wing policies does nothing but create havoc for those little ones who have no one to speak for them. A 60 Minutes piece that aired last night gives voice to those who have none.

From the LA Times blog:

’60 Minutes’ on the lives of homeless kids

This weekend, “60 Minutes” aired a special on the record number of children falling into poverty due to the recent recession.

Taking a closer look at Florida in particular, the segment focuses on several families who never thought they would be homeless, and the children who perhaps suffer the greatest burden, growing up without a stable dwelling and sometimes going hungry.

Several children are interviewed. Two of the kids describe sneaking into a Wal-Mart bathroom to use the sinks and to clean up before school. One child says she feels that her family’s poverty is her fault because her parents have to support her.

Some kids are living with neighbors, some in cars and vans, others in motels. Near Orlando, on the road to Disney World, there are 67 motels that house about 500 homeless kids.

According to CBS and the U.S. Census, 14 million children throughout the nation lived in poverty before the recession hit, and now that number is 16 million — a 2-million person rise in two years.

— Lori Kozlowski

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