Ye Olde Tea Partiers

Bruce Linder is at it again, this time over at The Pragmatic Progressive:

Ye Olde Tea Partiers Instant Guide to Political Buzzwords

by Bruce Linder

Attention Patriots! Are you sick and tired of getting your gonads handed to you by those smarty-britches liberals, with their pesky “facts?” Well, if you’re like me, and you just want to reach through your computer screen and throttle their lefty asses for being so smug, but you can’t, because of something called physics, then here’s what you do:

You deflect them with Ye Olde Tea Partiers Instant Guide to Political Buzzwords! Whenever you get cornered on who was president when the economy crashed, or who signed TARP, or, when some Massachusetts union worker mentions Saddam’s WMD’s (I swear, they’re still out there), you just whip out your book, and pick a word … any word. Because the point isn’t to make a point, it’s to deflect their point.

Here, watch this: “So, when George Bush was warned in writing about Osama bin Laden planning an attack 6 weeks before 9/11, why didn’t he bother to read the report?”

You respond; “Clinton!!”

There’s much more. Go read.

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