GOP fundraising disaster

Who was driving again??

The CO GOP gravy train off the rails?


GOP Chairman Resigns For Financial Mismanagement

The Larimer County GOP is facing what is being called the biggest campaign finance disclosure fine in history topping $100,000 (read their story).

Unfortunately, Republican party regulars who attended the February 12, Central Committee meeting were unaware of the party’s growing financial crisis and re-elected Larry Carillo as Chairman of the Larimer County Republican Party. Gary Marison, Devon Lentz, Arlene Shiffman, Debbie Healy and Rudy Zitti (all members of the Executive Committee) failed to disclose to the hundreds of Central Committee members assembled at the meeting the growing financial and regulatory crises in their party organization apparently to allow for a smooth re-election of Carillo and to avoid any bad press.

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Great article detailing the financial chaos within the CO GOP.

Looks like the past Chairman of the Larimer County GOP, Larry Carillo and past Treasurer Terri Fassi have some hard questions to answer.

Nice to see a right-leaning blog bring this to light. Of course the comment stream is filled with angry apologia and attacks on the author.

There are, however, some very interesting questions posed by the commenters:

Who is going to audit the money trail and will our Republican District Attorney have what it takes to prosecute someone who headed his own party? i don’t think so anyway…………………………..

Lots of blame to go around.

All these people were elected to fulfill certain responsibilities, required by law. What in the world were they doing instead? Ultimately, it falls on the Chair, but didn’t they have a treasurer? A vice-chair and secretary? A full executive committee?

Where did the money go? You guys are right because who would give money to any of these people until the problem gets fixed. So if the Chair goes to the ATM who is he accountable to for the money he is spending?
Passionate About Truth

There’s that word that always seems to get stuck in the craw of the far-right lunatic fringe in Longmont: accountable.

Kudos to for running this story.

Oh dear… it’s getting worse – the Fort Collins Police are investigating the finances of the Larimer County GOP.

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