Eric Eidsness’ old party faces over $131K in fines

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

From Colorado Ethics Watch

Reform Party Faces $131,550 in fines.

The Reform Party of Colorado faces $131,550 in fines, the largest pending fine in the state, for failing to file campaign finance reports since mid-2008.

Numerous letters to the party’s registered agent, Fort Collins developer Monica Sweere, have been returned as undeliverable.

The party that brought us the Paccione-spoiler and Jesse Ventura (and nothing else) is up to its proverbial wazoo in campaign finance fines.

After all the manufactured whining about Jack Pommer’s late paperwork I’m surprised to hear nary a peep from the Accountants of Accountability here in Longmont… guess it’s OKIYAR and a ‘reform’ candidate.

I’m thinking they need to reform their thinking… or just form it…

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