Newspaper Plagiarizes Blog, Taunts Real Author

From Slashdot:

iandennismiller writes “I’ve been keeping an eye on this viral marketing campaign called Petite Lap Giraffe — it’s the DirecTV ads with the Russian guy and the tiny giraffe. I was pretty quick to debunk the existence of the giraffes, so a lot of people have been visiting my blog as a result. Today, I noticed a New-York area newspaper that was represented my research as their own, so I asked them to link to my blog (i.e. provide attribution). What ended up happening perfectly illustrates that newspapers just don’t understand how the Internet works …”


I’ve been having a lot of fun with this Petite Lap Giraffe thing, but I came across a totally fascinating situation today.  I discovered a New York-area newspaper that was lifting details from my Petite Lap Giraffe article without providing a link.  When I called them out on it, instead of simply linking to my blog, they rewrote the article to cover up the deed!

So here’s the long version of the story…  I was really disappointed to see ripping off my blog without attribution.

More proof that fishwrap is dead, the stench of rot is overpowering.

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