An Open Letter to Congressman Cory Gardner from Councilman Sean McCoy

Dear Congressman Cory Gardner,

Longmont City Councilman Sean McCoy

I am the Longmont City Council Member representing Ward 3. As the local elected official “on the ground,” I must tell you that I am very concerned and extremely disappointed with your recent voting record.

You framed your campaign and platform around job creation and fixing the economy for all economic households in your district and throughout the country. However, you have consistently wasted time, “One-upping,” your fellow freshmen congress members, over who can cut more from the budget and in the process hurt the most needy amongst our shared constituents.

Please remember your votes have a lasting effect on our community and its people.

Specifically, what do your following “Affirmative” votes have to do with job creation?
1. Prohibiting use of federal funds for Planned Parenthood,
2. Prohibiting Federal Funding of National Public Radio, and
3. Abolishing Federal Financing of Presidential Election Campaigns.

Why have you failed to work on jobs and opportunities for the communities that you represent?

Your votes appear to be promoting a social agenda and are unconnected to the goals of economic recovery. These are not the issues of the majority of our constituents. We (my constituents and I) expect you to stop playing political games with their lives and livelihoods as well as long-established community supported programs.

Your votes to terminate the Neighborhood Stabilization Program and reduce funding the Economic Development Initiative are particularly egregious and detrimental to the City of Longmont’s efforts to provide needed services and maintain employment in our community.

In short: “Grow up.” Place the genuine needs of our constituents ahead of ideologies that drive the small and radical segments of our district, ward and nation. Holding the government hostage by avoiding compromise is wrong.

I will remind you that on a global scale, the popular uprising in Egypt wasn’t just instigated because that country had a corrupt leader. Nor was it a case of too much government. The uprising occurred because Egypt had a corrupt leader combined with too little regulation to offset the predatory practices of out-of -control capitalism. In reflection, they had too little government to protect and support the people’s needs.

Pretending to fix the national condition by reducing budgets and breaking down government so it is so ineffective, inefficient and radically smaller isn’t a rational solution for most people. Furthermore, the “Tea Party’s,” irrational mantra of the untested economic theory of an unconditional “Free Market System,” doesn’t compute to rational thinkers in this world’s most successful societies where they know emphatically and correctly, that you don’t balance budgets on the backs of their societies’ most vulnerable members while giving overt advantages to the most wealthy of those same societies.

Shame on you, Cory Gardner. Stop being so radically out of touch with the Longmont community’s priorities. I/we expect you to lead with compassion and common sense and not follow the poor examples I see in you so far and in your closely politically aligned colleagues. It is inexcusable for you to be solely responsive to the deep pockets that helped pay to get you elected. Your behavior reflects a disturbingly high level of corruption.

Your votes suggest a larger personality flaw that indicates an inability to understand, empathize and support others by showing compassion to those that are less fortunate in our country.

Finally, I expect – no, I demand – that you to drop your support of these radical “Policy riders,” because they are emphatically not the values of this community. Your efforts to reduce government spending must consider all aspects of the budget, including the Entitlement of the “Military Budget.”

Thus far, your votes and decisions cause nothing but serious harm to the American people. Your actions are far from just or in the best interest of either my Ward 3 constituents or the constituency of the 4th Congressional District


Sean P. McCoy
Longmont City Council Member Ward 3

  4 comments for “An Open Letter to Congressman Cory Gardner from Councilman Sean McCoy

  1. April 8, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    Thank you Councilman McCoy for speaking the truth to the extremists. Gardner is not serving the people that he was elected to represent – exactly like Marilyn Musgrave and her violent theocratic agenda.

  2. April 10, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    I’m grateful to Sean for presenting his letter to FRL so that we can make it public. Congressman Cory Gardner is representing at most 20% of the population of this nation other than the massive corporate interests that have taken control of all Republicans and far too many Democrats as well. I can only wonder how long it will take the remaining 80% to recognized that they will never be represented by the Tea Party Republican (conservative?) candidates. Those 80% are being dismissed and destroyed with each day that the current Republicans retain any power. They and the damage they do are wretched.

  3. Gregory Iwan
    April 11, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    I wonder what the nuts from Montana, whatever they call themselves now, will say about this (it will soon be, after all, “election season” in Longmont). How those who have nothing and have no hope of ever gaining something, can continue to “support” these demagogues is beyond me. But do the “ordinary” people have the courage to throw off the mantle of the corporate Congress? I wonder. I think the strategy of “save” the country by destroying it is still very much in play. Just go to any legislative meeting — local, state, or national — and watch as your future is flushed.

  4. edward hee
    April 13, 2011 at 11:54 am

    i encourage more small d democrats not to fear these traitorous elitists like gardner who seem to have been born with a radioactive
    world view. washington has historically been the place where the golden calf trumps compassion and gardner went on bended knee along with, dare i say, michael bennet who took from every dispicable scion of corprate wealth this country has to offer.

    become the villainous lobyist you are gardner and bathe in the sickening profits of the defense contractors you are in love with.

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