Chamber of Commerce’s dirty trick squad

Mudslinging is a very old business

ThinkProgress reports that a law firm representing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the big business trade association, is working with set of “private security” companies and lobbying firms to undermine their political opponents with a surreptitious sabotage campaign.

Hunton and Williams’ attorney Richard Wyatt and his associates, John Woods and Bob Quackenboss, solicited a set of private security firms — HBGary Federal, Palantir, and Berico Technologies (collectively called Team Themis) — to develop tactics for damaging progressive groups and labor unions. Specifically targeted were ThinkProgress, the labor coalition called Change to Win, the SEIU, US Chamber Watch, and

ThinkProgress has published a series of articles investigating the Chamber and its activities. It exposed the Chamber’s efforts to coordinate a lobbying campaign on behalf of large banks, including JP Morgan, to kill significant portions of financial reform. In October, it published a series looking into the Chamber’s efforts to solicit donations from foreign corporations for the same account the Chamber used to run partisan attack ads during the midterm campaign, as well as the Chamber’s participation in secret fundraising meetings convened by the billionaire plutocrats David and Charles Koch.

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