Not need nothin’ from nobody!

Chris Matthews, during “Let me finish” on Hardball with Chris Matthews on April 13th, gives the American people a good “what for.”

“People talk about the government these days as the enemy. We talk and think like cowboys who don’t need the government.” Yet the government is the 911 whenever anything goes wrong or to keep things from going wrong.

“Don’t bother me with taxes,” we say. “It’s time to face the big gap between how we imagine America working these days and the way it actually works.”

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  2 comments for “Not need nothin’ from nobody!

  1. Gregory Iwan
    April 18, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    He has half of it. The other half is how those who answer to the moneyed few perform their jobs, or what they see as their “jobs.” Some out on the fringe we MIGHT be able to ignore, but the “mainstream” who operate their jaws when their strings are pulled need to gain our attention, for through them we can hear their employers. But that crass crew should start to become aware of a simple truth soon: that if people aren’t hired and PAID more than third-world, dirt wages, the very investments of the jewelry-rattling crowd are jeopardized. For what will an apartment owner do when none of his renter applicants “qualifies?” To whom will the fur throng sell its Subarus, vacations in common places (not Maui; try the Grand Canyon, for crying out loud), or even Behr house paint? Oh, sure; the silver collars just trot off to China or India with their ill-gotten gain. After all, they live where their money does. And TAXES? Not even in their lexicon. THEY don’t need “government;” they’ll hire private cops, thank you very much. And who needs the courts, when a well-placed 9mm round can settle any and all differences? Moats are where it’s at, folks. Oh, excuse me. Gotta catch up to the Gulfstream V. It’s my turn to wax it, see.

  2. April 18, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    Sarah P and I agree on one thing. It’s certainly the “lame stream media.” 12 teabaggers show up and the cameras roll and the reporters get breathless. Thousands of progressive protesters show up and it’s “Ho-hum, we ran out of tape.” “Yes, we can” hear there employers.

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