Six Minutes to Midnight

Is time running out?

The world won’t end with a bang. It will end with a whimper. We are getting close, after all, I believe. We have reached a point where I think we will have “soiled our nest” to the point where it will truly be irretrievable. It’s not only the “fracking,” though this is becoming all too pervasive. Ground water? That could be some salvation in the face of global warming. But not if it’s laced with ethylene, methanol, benzene, etc. A glass of lead acetate? Thank you; I’ll have another.

Tack on the insanity of nuclear “energy.” Radioisotopes are insidious things. Can’t see or smell or taste or hear the stuff. It’s a dreaded thing. This, coupled with the above, means we can all subject ourselves to a form of chemotherapy and radiotherapy all the time! Who needs Love Canal or Bhopal, when we can have coal tar, mercury, crude-oil-and-shrimp-cocktail (hold the jambalaya)?

But relax. The pharma industry will save the day. It’s got “medicines” in the “pipeline” to fix everything from asthma to scurvy. Rash? Covered. Delirium tremens? Just swallow these every six hours. Oh, that will be seven hundred thousand dollars, please. You say you don’t like it? You don’t agree? How can you be so intransigent, so inconsiderate? Do you not see how many JOBS depend on these chemicals, these treatments, these forms of energy generation? Where would we be without an automobile on each and every square yard of impervious surface around this solar system?

If you want things to improve, just shut up and do your duty, boy! I could name a well-regarded, even venerable, multi-line auto dealer (no, it’s not Doug Moreland, thank Heaven!) that recently spent $16.5 million to build a spanking new, “STATE OF THE ART” sales/service facility at Lucent Boulevard and C-470, in Highlands Ranch. But with the “Great ‘Recession’,” cars haven’t been selling any too well. Ouch and phooey. So how to cope? Easy: you require your employees to take significant cuts in pay. And if they protest, well, there’s the door.

All rides on the backs of us common folk. The entrepreneurs among us were once the risk-takers. Of the four factors of production (note: here I borrow from Gregory Iwan, who pens things around here sometimes) all are supposed to be “paid” BEFORE the entrepreneur! That’s why returns to entrepreneurs are supposed to be so high; the risk there is also very high.

Not in the new paradigm. These avaricious few want their cake and eat it, too. They’ll eat YOURS, as well. Just watch. Entrepreneurs now demand no risk AND higher returns. How to confront this? The only strategy I can imagine is a comprehensive buyers’ strike. Everyone in the USA needs to stop buying everything, period. And hold out until the money caves. Oh, and EVERYONE needs to stay home from work, too. It sounds tough, I know. And the American citizen is nothing if not consumption-conditioned. But, hey; I can dream, can’t I?

Pass the methanol. I need to get to where I can hear that “click” that Brick talks about in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Tennessee Williams knew us well. Pity we don’t know our own strength.

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