End Game for the Birthers

Click to enlarge - note the red-circled date: June 20, 1991

Okay Teabaggers (yes, you too Donald Trump). It’s time for your “Come to Ronnie” moment.

The photograph below shows Ronald Wilson Reagan’s actual birth certificate. The image at right is what’s on display at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley CA, and the one at left is the one provided to the media. They are identical. Just as a refresher, let’s remind folks that what has you “patriots” in such a tizzy, is that Barack Obama has never provided his actual 1961 birth certificate; only the computer-generated facsimile that each state gives you when you request a copy for proof of birth.

So, if this is Ronald Reagan’s actual birth certificate, as the Reagan Library claims… then why does it say June 20, 1991 on the lower-left corner of both “actual” documents? Either this document confirms that Barack Obama’s birth certificate offers the IDENTICAL level of proof that president Reagan’s does… Or Ronald Wilson Reagan was a usurper. So which is it? Why do these two documents have the date 1991 stamped on them? Was Reagan thirteen years old when he died? Or, as most rational, non-racist folks might conclude; both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama turned over the exact same documentation that is required by law —  that of the state in which they were born. Illinois in the case of Ronald Reagan, and Hawai’i for Barack Obama.

Now, unless you can explain this, or you have some new and preferably less insane evidence, this birth certificate controversy is officially over. Move on Teabaggers, 2012 is fast approaching, and we’ve got a score to settle with you fools.

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