What have they done?

The GOP has taken control of Congress and what have they done with their ‘power’?

  1. Restrict/ban abortion
  2. Redefine surprise sex
  3. Recategorize cold-blooded murder of abortion doctors as “justifiable homicide”
  4. Eliminate net neutrality
  5. Ban gay marriage
  6. McCarthy-esque “muslim” hunt
  7. Ban already-non-existent Sharia law
  8. Restrict the voting ability of college students
  9. Investigate secession from the union
  10. Investigate ways for states to ignore federal mandates
  11. Demand yet another birth certificate
  12. Eliminate collective bargaining agreements
  13. Repeal Union Rights
  14. Repeal health care reform
  15. Defund Obama’s teleprompter to save money (seriously)
  16. Defund public broadcasting
  17. Defund education
  18. Defund Planned Parenthood despite government money already cannot fund abortions, thus only impacting health services mainly for women
  19. Defund EPA
  20. Decry energy efficient light bulbs
  21. Return to using Styrofoam cups in the congressional cafeteria
  22. Deny food stamps to families of workers who go on strike
  23. Death Penalty for miscarriages
  24. Decry breastfeeding awareness
  25. Decry healthy eating initiatives for children and schools
  26. Claim that oil companies will collapse without government subsidies
  27. Decry ‘pork’ while simultaneously seeking ‘pork’
  28. Decry federal stimulus dollars while accepting/seeking it and taking credit for the things it pays for
  29. Push for creationism in schools
  30. Chastise Natalie Portman ‘glorifying’ (by existing, apparently) pre-marital pregnancy while simultaneously defending Bristol Palin
  31. Attempt to get a completely unwanted second F-35 engine (coincidentally to be built in Speaker Boehner’s state) funded over the protests of the military, department of defense, and secretary of defense
  32. Convincing the people earning $30,000 that the person making $250,000 is too poor and the teacher making $60,000 is too rich
  33. Explain that the reason you cheated on two of your wives, one who was in the hospital with cancer, was because you were extremely passionate for America
  34. Half-jokingly suggesting that the illegal immigration problem can be solved like the feral swine problem -by shooting them from helicoptors; in defense of comments: “I was just speaking like a southeast Kansas person.”
  35. Lower a state minimum wage
  36. Call an emergency meeting to again try to de-fund public broadcasting in the wake of a heavily-edited and exceedingly misleading video
  37. Blame an 11 year old girl for being gangraped by 18 people for several hours because she had dressed like a “prostitute”
  38. Reaffirm “in god we trust” as the national motto
  39. Strongly advocating for intervention in Libya before Obama gets involved, sharply criticizing intervention after
  40. Abusing the freedom of information act to try to harass and/or discredit a university professor who wrote an op-ed in his personal time questioning a Republican governor
  41. Complain that Democratic congressmen keep asking where the jobs are
    • Speak to a Christian organization event during a taxpayer-funded trip to Kenya (which has stricter abortion laws than the US) to rail against a new provision in their constitution allowing abortions when the mother’s health is at risk
    • Citation: (NEWS SOURCE) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/…e_n_842652.html
  42. Scold a Democrat for using the word ‘uterus’ on the house floor because young pages might hear
  43. Accuse the president of going to war with Libya to deplete our armed forces to he can call up the private army written into the health care reform bill (seriously)

How many jobs will all this create?

How will any of this help the economy get going again?

Or is claiming to focus on jobs secret GOP code for “pander to our base with social wedge issues and culture war fronts”?

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