Gardner Demonstration Success

Another successful demonstration!

On Thursday evening, May 19th, Judy Lubow and I went to the Plaza Hotel where there was a Republican fundraiser featuring Cory Gardner. There were also 9 or 10 people from Ft. Collins and one man from Thornton. Yes, it was raining. Some of the suits showing up for the Gardner fundraiser seemed upset; maybe because they couldn’t park next to the door, or maybe because they couldn’t show off their Gucci sunglasses. We could spot the Gardner donors a mile away.

We Longmont folks made some contacts with the other protestors and told them about 723. No, we didn’t tell the Republican supporters, just the demonstrators. In spite of the rain, the protestors had a rousing good time. Lots of signs and lots of good cheer.

GardnerPath had an article about how Gardner is ‘in hiding.’

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