Three cheers for Kathy Hochul!

Think again, Tea Party Republicans.  Keep your greedy paws off Medicare.  And while you’re at it, take that same lesson home on Social Security.

If you can’t hold New York Congressional District 26, which is about as Republican as they come, then you can’t be a majority party.  On second thought, keep targeting Medicare and Social Security, and sound your own death knell.

Your decades long history of lying is on the verge of extinction.  Not because you will stop.  Your arrogance in assuming that you can continue lying ad infinitum will continue; it’s in your DNA.  With the guidance of Karl Rove and Frank Luntz, you will continue to use linguistic trickery to snooker as many people as possible.  Your absence of moral and ethical standards makes it so easy for you.  But you’ve shown your true stripes, and they are not attractive to the “American people”  whom you incessantly and falsely claim to represent and serve.

Kathy Hochul 2011 - New York Congressional District 26

In a tight race, Democrat Kathy Hochul captured both the Democratic vote and the Unaffliated vote in addition to some Republican votes to wrest control of a seat that has been solidly in the Republican camp.  The seat was formerly held by the likes of Jack Kemp.

In addition to being a solid Medicare supporter and of senior citizens generally, Hochul is a strong pro-choice Democrat who will also work to defend women’s reproduction rights.  Since taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives, Republicans have also been engaged in a war against women, seeking to remove by any means necessary or available, women’s right to choose and their right to contraceptive freedom.

So, soon-to-be-sworn-in Kathy Hochul, Longmont – and especially the seniors and women of Longmont – salute you and wish you the best as you fight for the real American values.

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