Maddow: “They have been focused like a laser – on your uterus.”

One hundred and forty-one days after the Republicans promised a “jobs bill,” the Republicans proposed a limp 10-page document on the subject. What have they been doing in the meantime (besides promising to kill Medicare as we know it)? They have been obsessed with your uterus.

Since coming to power in Washington, Republicans have tried (so far unsuccessfully) to:

  • Cut off Planned Parenthood funds as part of the battle over this year’s budget
  • To make it easier for hospitals to refuse abortion cases
  • To make it more expensive for small businesses to purchase insurance under the healthcare act that would cover abortion, and
  • To ban abortion training funds

Getting in on the obsession, the Senate GOP would fine and imprison doctors who don’t provide advance notice to parents of an abortion procedure.

And if the foregoing isn’t sufficiently radical, the actions of some states have given new meaning to extremism. A Louisiana House committee approved a BAN on abortions. The bill extends penalties for “feticide” to women who have abortions and to doctors who perform them. In its original form, women who have abortions could be sent to prison for five to 15 years. Subsequently modified, the prison term now only applies to doctors. Omitting women but targeting physicians is apparently considered “compassionate conservatism.” Or are there simply more women voters than physician voters?

Fifteen states, where Republicans control the legislatures, have anti-abortion proposals that carry jail time for doctors: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico and Idaho. Watch this Rachel Maddow Show segment to see just how vile and insane these Republican-controlled legislatures have become. I guarantee that your jaw will drop.

Although there is a constitutionally guaranteed right to an abortion, Republicans pick and choose which constitutional rulings they like, or they invent new ones such as “corporations are people.” These state laws are being passed with full knowledge that they violate the constitution.

With the help of Republican presidents beginning with Ronald Reagan, the United State’s courts – from District courts to Appellate courts to the Supreme Court – have been packed with judges and justices whom Republicans hope and expect will ultimately lead to rewriting constitutional protections to deny women’s reproductive rights – from the right to choose to contraceptive freedom. These state proposals and laws are tools for reaching the Robert’s Supreme Court in order to abolish Roe v Wade and the privacy rights that support the ruling.

Five of the U.S. Supreme Courts justices are Roman Catholic. The Catholic Church has threatened to excommunicate public officials who act to support reproductive rights, specifically abortion rights. The Catholic Church also opposes contraception. Make no mistake, contraception restrictions are also part of the Republican war on women and families. It’s about religion. It’s about power over women. And it’s un-American.

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