GOP strategy in NC: Obfuscate

Obfuscate: to make obscure, be evasive or purposely confusing. Standard GOP strategy.

From the Charlotte Observer via Drudge Retort:

N.C. Republicans mistakenly broadcast private meeting, leak strategy

Michael Biesecker
Under the Dome

House Republicans held a behind-closed-doors caucus meeting to discuss their strategy on the budget and other issues Friday, but did not know all their remarks were being broadcast live into the press room through an open microphone.

House leaders warned members against asking about a redistricting provision in the $19.7 billion budget they plan to approve this afternoon.

If any questions come up, said Majority Leader Paul Stam, Rep. David Lewis should answer them.

“On one point, I only want David Lewis to talk,” Stam said, an Apex Republican. “The talk about redistricting and this thing in the budget is extremely sensitive to the other people not in this room who are voting with us. No one but David talk. David can obfuscate more than anybody I know.”

The “other people not in this room” is an apparent reference to the five Democrats voting with Republicans on the budget.

House Speaker Thom Tillis reminded members not to talk about “Democrats,” but to counter individuals by name.

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Well, there it is, collusion to interfere in the operation of government.

Every last one of these crimminals should be arrested and tried for violating their oath to the voters of North Carolina. This kind of activity does not support the people, it supports an agenda – and a criminal one at that.

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