The 30-year 12-step program that transformed America

The 30-year twelve-step program that Republicans, conservative Democrats, and their well-to-do allies have perfected to transform America.

  1. Cut taxes and establish loopholes for the rich and the corporations, to redistribute wealth upwards and drown government in red ink.
  2. Maintain the country in a perpetual state of war.
  3. Keep politicians dependent on private campaign donations.
  4. Manipulate news and concentrate the ownership of media.
  5. Blame government, taxation, unions, and regulation for the nation’s problems.
  6. Corrupt and mismanage government agencies.
  7. Exploit bigotry, religion, patriotism, and fear.
  8. Destroy unions and public sector employment.
  9. Export jobs overseas.
  10. Oppose regulations.
  11. Corrupt the courts and criminal justice system.
  12. Manipulate elections.

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