Gifford’s bitter sweet recovery

At last we have pictures of Gabby Gifford after the disastrous shooting on January 8th that nearly took her life. The photos are beautiful and her smile is warming. It is remarkable that nothing in her countenance suggests that she harbors any bitterness or fear over the horror and difficulties that she has had to experience. But that is far from the whole picture.

Although Giffords has made remarkable strides since the shooting, she is far from recovered. Citing the Arizona Republic, The Huffington Post reports that Giffords spokesperson “made clear that Giffords remains a shadow of her former self as she has difficulty stringing together sentences and relies heavily on gestures and facial expressions to communicate. She also faces some difficulty in expressing bigger, more complex thoughts.”

According to her chief of staff, Pia Carusone, “”We’re about halfway through the process that is the most important time for recovery. Patients recover for the rest of their lives, but it’s the first 12 to 14 months that you make the biggest jumps. . . . In the doctors’ minds, it’s not even close to when you begin to make the final prognosis for the quality of her life.”

We all hope and pray that Gabby will make a sufficient recovery to be able to continue to represent her constituency. God bless, Gabby.

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