Gardner has no plan for Medicare for people under 55

From Eyes on Congress:

On Thursday, June 16, 2011 nearly 70 concerned citizens turned out for Eyes on Congress’ 55 under 55 rally at Representative Gardner’s Fort Collins office. This peaceful gathering had several speakers from various age groups that wanted to know from their Congressman what his plan for Medicare is for people under the age of 55.

Congressman Gardner has stated on several occasions in his rare public appearances that “if you are 55 and older, Medicare and Social Security benefits will not change for you – ever” A statement that precipitated this event, which drew a large crowd.

The constituents were also not sure what to make of their Representative’s outspoken statement that “until you come up with your own (plan), stop criticizing ours” which was in direct conflict with his statement at a tea party meeting last week where when asked about a Congressional Progressive Caucus budget plan he simply stated that he “voted no on that”

When a delegation came inside Gardner’s office to ask exactly where the congressman stood on the issue, they were told that their staff was only there to listen and that they have no plans for Medicare right now. When pressed about where to find out where Congressman Gardner stood of the issue of people under 55 and Medicare the delegation was told two things: 1) go to the library of congress website, and 2) “Mark (Evans, Executive Director of Eyes On Congress) attends all the public meetings and he’s seen the congressman speak in person and has filmed him so it not necessary for a staff person to comment.”

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  1. June 17, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    The FRL article Cory Gardner confronted with unexpected town hall meeting “says it all” when Gardner is quoted as saying: “I do not support universal care. I do not support single payer systems.” Medicare IS a single payer system. Therefore, Cory Gardner DOES NOT support Medicare. What is proposed for those under 55 (and the disabled ?? ) is a corporate Medicare, a privatized voucher/coupon system. And mark my words, the end game is to “starve that beast,” too. Whatever government allocations are budgeted for these coupons would decrease over time, either by the effect of healthcare inflation at rates many times that of general inflation or by deliberate budget reductions.

    Republicans should not be allowed anywhere near government. They intend to subjugate the people to corporate will. Entertain their morally corrupt ideas at your own risk.

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