Boulder gets ‘glowing’ report

Boulder County might be needing a LOT more of these signs - soon.

From The Blue Line:

Needed: The Truth About Valmont Butte

By LeRoy Moore

Valmont Butte, the striking rock formation just east of Boulder along Valmont Road, is revered by Native People as a sacred site and by descendants of European settlers who founded the town of Valmont and buried their dead in a cemetery at the butte’s base. People from both these groups want continued access to the butte. But part of the legacy of the butte is that it also became a mill for processing metals from the mountains as well as a dump for long-lived radioactive waste. The trouble with radioactive waste is that it’s highly toxic and doesn’t lose its potency for a very long time.

Though the butte belongs to the City of Boulder it is located outside the city limits. The city accordingly is asking the County Commissioners to OK its plans for cleaning up the site in preparation for its possible future use as a historic preserve with public access. The Commissioners should postpone approval of the city’s plan until everyone affected learns the truth about environmental contamination at Valmont Butte (VB).

There’s lots more at The Blue Line.

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