‘Good Samaritan’ arrested with gun

Behaving childishly with guns

From the San Mateo Daily Journal (hat tip to Drudge Retort):

‘Good Samaritan’ arrested with gun

June 23, 2011, 02:19 AM By Bill Silverfarb Daily Journal staff

A “Good Samaritan” who came to an assault victim’s aid in downtown San Mateo yesterday afternoon ended up starting a panic in the area after pulling out a .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun on the victim’s assailant, police said.

The man ended up in jail, however, for assault with a firearm, drawing a weapon in a threatening manner and carrying a loaded firearm while the woman’s assailant faces misdemeanor charges of simple assault and was able to walk away from the scene, police said.

Arrested was Ashley Viola, 23, a resident of San Pablo, police said.

Viola was driving his car on Third Avenue and witnessed a 57-year-old San Mateo woman being assaulted near San Mateo Drive and asked her if she was OK, police said.

She indicated she was OK and then told Viola that the assailant was running down the street, police said.

The Good Samaritan then allegedly caught up to the man, parked his car and confronted the assailant with a firearm.

That’s what’s known as ‘taking the law into your own hands’ and it’s pretty much always a bad idea. -frl

Also from the story:
“He was waving it and making it really known that he had a gun,” she said.

Funny. Almost like he thought it was a magic wand.

The real take-home message here is that ‘samaritans’ damn well better be sure they’re saving someone’s life and not just being vigilante assholes.

It’s exactly what I’ve always been most concerned about – wannabe ‘cops’ trying to patrol and looking like a failed comedy.

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