All Good Friends – or is that ‘Fellas?’

This scandal is nothing new has a piece about the Larimer County GOP Facing $200,000 in Fines:

Carillo was first elected Chairman of the Larimer County Republican Party in 2009; he resigned on February 28 after other party leaders noticed a bunch of unpaid bills and other more problematic findings. The bigger problem, where campaign finance law is concerned, is that the Larimer GOP apparently didn’t file any campaign finance reports in 2010.

The Larimer County GOP is looking at at least $65,000 in fines for not filing reports in 2010, but that number is continuing to rise. They’re still facing $50 per day late fees because they admitted that the report they finally filed in March of this year was inaccurate, and because some contributions from more than two years ago were not reported, fines could reach $216,000. But fortunately for them, there are two big-name Republicans in charge of the criminal case and the campaign finance problems. (read the rest)

Yep, the Coloradoan had an article about it. blog did too – three months ago:

Unfortunately, Republican party regulars who attended the February 12, Central Committee meeting were unaware of the party’s growing financial crisis and re-elected Larry Carillo as Chairman of the Larimer County Republican Party. Gary Marison, Devon Lentz, Arlene Shiffman, Debbie Healy and Rudy Zitti (all members of the Executive Committee) failed to disclose to the hundreds of Central Committee members assembled at the meeting the growing financial and regulatory crises in their party organization apparently to allow for a smooth re-election of Carillo and to avoid any bad press. (read the rest)

And here’s the kicker… Scott Gessler is now working to get those fines lowered. Gotta. Love. That.

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