Larimer County GOP chairman surrenders on felony warrant


For more details – go to this post at

GOP Chairman Resigns For Financial Mismanagement

Note the date: March 4.

Note this line:

The Larimer County GOP is facing what is being called the biggest campaign finance disclosure fine in history topping $100,000

and their story link.

Gee, Larry looks pretty jaunty there.

Compare that to the image from the ColoradoPols article.

Funny this got very little coverage till now. Kudos to ColoradoPols and LovelandPolitics.

Gee… to think some people were wringing their hands over Jack Pommer’s late paperwork filing but had nothing to say about this… Not only did they pointedly ignore a financial scandal but one of historical proportions. There’s some tasty hypocrisy.

At least this crimminal got caught.

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