The Audacity of Hopelessness and Betrayal

The "audacity" indeed

As one of the cleverest political conquistadors to ever hoodwink the American public, you have to admit — our Commander and Chief is one smooth talking peccadillo. It was seven long years ago that the skinny little guy with a funny name, Senator Barack Obama, delivered his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

It was a speech that most would agree — catapulted him to sudden fame and popularity as a 2008 Presidential contender. How could we forget? “The Audacity of Hope” was the theme of his speech that inspired millions.

Two years later, in the fall of 2006, Obama published his book, “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.” A book considered to be a political biography of his core values. The political nexus of Mr. Obama’s policy positions on a host of issues, from education, health care, and Social Security — to America’s wars in the Middle East.

After enduring eight years of Bush hypocrisy, Senator Barack Obama easily took the Oval Office in 2008 on a hope and a prayer for “change.” Well, here we are in the summer of 2011. Our country thirstier than ever for that change he spoke of. Oh yeah, united we still stand … with a big cotton-mouth that is. Our pockets inside-out and blowing in the dusty wind. Yes, here we stand (with bucket in hand) directly next to a dry political well filled with nothing but empty promises. Indeed, we now know for sure that Mr. Obama’s “Audacity of Hope” is realistically “The Audacity of Hopelessness and Betrayal.”

And so the story goes; all of his campaign promises for peace, transparency, financial stability, jobs, clean energy and affordable healthcare, etc., — all turned out to be nothing more than oppressive lies. Sorry folks, the New World Order police state is here to stay!

Nope, no parade for the people today. Just a faint memory of a dull, colorless pinwheel that quickly sparked and fizzled-out soon after inaugural day. A day that will probably never be celebrated again with such fanfare. And now America’s cities are increasingly ghettoized with record unemployment, home foreclosures, accelerated crime and crumbling infrastructures. Our lives destroyed. Our health degrading. And with it, our children’s dreams of peace, economic stability and happiness will not be realized as well.

The cold reality is, Obama’s quaint little accomplishments amount to little more than a corporate pimp flinging low-value coinage to a beggar. And for those of you still clinging to the Obama hope wagon? Well, the debt-limit game is ongoing to keep you in cliff-hanger-mode, but don’t fret little donkeys, I’m sure the funny little guy with the weird name will raise the debt ceiling on cue … and those checkie-poohs will be delivered just as surely as Congress will continue raiding our national treasury like drunken sailors on meth. Or at least until the next round of election bravado in 2012.

Not that there is much difference between an ass-stubborn donkey and a fat fricking elephant. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s compromise will let House Republicans off the hook without bearing the horrendous consequences of a government default, and we will continue down the debt road of enslavement for generations to come.

Hail to the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Author’s Bio: Vince is a freelance writer from Arizona, a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. The 21st century, once so full of shining promise, now threatens to force countless millions of us at home and abroad into a dark abyss of languishing poverty and silent servitude; a lowly prodigy of painful struggle and suffering that could stream for generations to come. I’m wishing for a miracle, before it is too late, the masses will figure it out and will stand as one and roar. So, pass the word — it’s past time to take back what is ours — the American Dream where the pursuit of happiness, the ability to live in a free and peaceful nation is a reality. We bought it, and we paid for it. It’s time to take it back.

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  1. July 15, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    According to Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research and as reported in The (UK) Guardian, the $14.3tn figure for the debt ceiling is about 90% of US GDP. The debt to GDP ratio was over 110% after the second world war. The United Kingdom had debt to GDP ratios of more than 100% for much of the 19th century, as it was establishing itself as the world’s pre-eminent industrial power. Japan has a debt to GDP ratio of more than 220% of GDP and can still borrow in financial markets long-term at interest rates of less than 1.5%.

    There is much about Barack Obama to dislike. Chief among these is his repeated acceptance of Tea Party Republican premises. Perhaps one of these days he will, genuinely and not rhetorically, embrace the American and Democratic values that established the nation’s greatness. The Tea Party Republican belief system is immoral at its core. It celebrates the worst in human nature — its selfishness and gullibility.

  2. Gregory Iwan
    July 16, 2011 at 10:53 am

    If the sewer backs up into my basement, I can blame the sewage treatment plant, for failing to keep the lines clear. Or I can blame the local planning and zoning mavens, who approved too much development. Or I can blame the builder, who failed to incorporate sufficient slope into my sewer lateral. Or I could blame myself, for stuffing too much of the wrong kinds of things down the john, etc. A problem presenting real negative phenomena can be very complex. The national debt was about $10 trillion when Obama took office; it is a bit north of $14.2 trillion now. Guess what? THE RECESSION cost us just about $4 trillion so far, through stimulus, bailouts (think of them what you will, it’s not easy or useful to let the banking system fall), and LOSS OF TAX REVENUES. So, although Harry Truman had a sign on his desk saying, “The Buck Stops Here,” I think the writer and many, many others need to look at “the man behind the curtain.” Who he is, and what he stands for, would illuminate plenty. He isn’t really a politician, he’s not necessarily a banker, and he cares only about his own wealth and power. He’s become accustomed to both, and he won’t give either up. Not without a fight. Look sharp; he’s difficult to see. Our hope is that “the curtain,” perhaps worn and tattered now after more than four decades, will permit a peek. The question is, if we gain a glimpse, will we recognize the guy? And if we do, what will “We the People” do about it? About him? I’m pretty weary of all the grousing about the mosquitoes, when no one seems to be paying any attention to the snakes underfoot.

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