Pull the plug on skydiving

How much noise is too much?

I’m frustrated that the city of Longmont is allowing Mile-Hi Skydiving to continually push the envelope. This morning at 7:30 am I was awakened by a loud droning. I knew immediately that it was the Twin Otter taking off. Why are they being allowed to start their operations earlier and earlier?

We who live in an area that the city chose to develop next to the airport are suffering greatly from Mile-Hi Skydiving’s noise pollution. What was the city thinking? That we would be immune from the constant drone? No, methinks the city wanted the money. It’s as simple as that — just follow the money. Who wins? Surely we are the losers here (and this also includes those who live in areas east, north and south, and as far away as Gunbarrel!).

The cruel fact is, it’s not just one flight a day — but one every 7-10 minutes all day long from 7:30 am until the sun sets. (Matter of fact, I can hear one swooping in for landing right now at 10:17 a.m. How many flights already on this not-so-peaceful Sunday morning? 10? 20?)

When normal people cause a disturbance in the city, they get arrested! Mile-Hi Skydiving is causing a disturbance every day, all day long, especially on weekends. The City Council needs to do something about their “disturbing” behavior.

This is a quality-of-life issue. What gives them the right to wake up the neighborhood? This isn’t acceptable behavior nor good business. Please, city of Longmont — pull the plug.

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