Which side are YOU on?

Address to Longmont City Council on July 26, 2011:

Some of you may laugh at my concerns, for you have done so before, or at least have ignored my efforts to bring such matters before your consideration.

For you have more important matters to attend to, such as to destroy our Longmont Election Committee, to eliminate disclosure, and to ban the only thriving new businesses in our city, thereby to strengthen the market for drug gangs.

The deafening racist propaganda machine, here and elsewhere, as carried out last Friday by their Norwegian mass murderer, was first headlined by Rupert Murdock’s international media dictatorship as “Islamo Terrorism” until downgraded (without apology) to “Lone Wolf” or “Crazy Man” attack. Because fascists would, of course, never promote violence.

We have endured a concerted effort by the national Republican Party and their hired Tea-bagger mouth-guns to destroy the United States economy, to prevent job creation, and to reduce this great country to status of Third World “client state” of the Banksters.

After robbing the world economy of $$$Trillions$$$ by mortgage fraud, CD swaps, untaxed and unregulated “Derivatives” and executive bonuses for destroying many millions of jobs, they now invoke a “debt crisis” which means that we, the people, are held hostage to repay to those same banksters the very $$$Trillions$$$ which they already have stolen from us.

It seems that we have no national Democratic Party whatsoever, but merely a self-sacrificial lamb offered up to appease the ravenous appetite of the greatest thieves ever born.

If we fail to entirely revolutionize the public discourse and re-democratize all our public institutions to their original sacred charge of health, harmony, humanity, and the interrelationship of all facets of the great web of livingness, and totally reject the pervasive, perverse materialistic worship of greed, power, violence, and destruction of Nature herself, then we cannot escape the destruction both of society and of life.

Our national political structure is so totally corrupt that such “Change we can believe in” is rendered quite impossible. Unless we can begin to speak as human beings rather than hypnotized robots, at the local level, where might such truths slip in for a hearing?

Had our churches not so corrupted themselves in the same game of Money Changers, they might plant such a spiritual seed, as they did twelve decades ago in the social gospel movement. Every man, every woman, every child is responsible for the kind of world we live in. Let us set to the great task before us.

Jesus was lynched by the State because he tried to do precisely this.

Which side are YOU on???

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