Where’s Private Money for Training Centers?

Where are the private investors?

In a comment stream at the Times-Call I suggested:

“The internet is growing steadily and technical skills are always in demand. Why not try and attract a company that offers training and certifications? Boulder Digital Arts has done well with that. “

and a user with an anonymous pseudonym (Fizzizzle Kizzizzle) shot back:

You mean like IBMC that recently opened a Longmont campus and is currently expanding? I agree – and it’s already being done.

Curious, I checked with the folks at IBMC – here’s the chat stream:

Greg says:Hi! Thank you for visiting the Institute of Business and Medical Careers providing quality education to students for over 20 years. Let me know if I can answer any preliminary questions or help you find anything on the website. Are you looking for a new career?
FRL:Do you offer any internet technology classes? HTML? CSS? Web technology?
Greg says:Let me check on that for you.
Greg says:Which campus are you thinking about attending?
FRL:I’m considering sending my daughter for classes in web technology. Do you offer any?
Greg says:Okay. Which campus are you inquiring about?
FRL:Longmont but do ANY of the campii offer internet technology classes?
Greg says:Alright. One moment please as I check on that.
FRL:I don’t see anything on the website about them.
Greg says:Thanks for waiting. The programs offered at our Longmont Campus, Colorado are: Administrative Assistant – Certificate, Business Administration & Accounting – Certificate & Degree, Medical Assistant – Diploma & Degree, Pharmacy Technician – Degree, Medical Billing & Coding – Diploma & Degree, Paralegal – Certificate & Degree, and Therapeutic Massage – Diploma & Degree.
FRL:So, in a word, no?
Greg says:The ones I mentioned above are the only programs we offer at the campus.
FRL:I repeat my question from earlier: do ANY of the campii teach internet technology classes? Yes or No please, no list of other courses needed.
Greg says:It is not available at the other campuses.

Their words. They don’t teach any internet technology classes. Hopefully they will soon.

I went back to the Times-Call and left this response:

“No, not like IBMC – they’re a business college and don’t teach internet technologies. So it’s not being done and there’s a definite need.”

And wouldn’t ya know, ‘Fizzizzle Kizzizzle’s comment was gone less than a minute later*. Poof.

I guess when the clueless, anonymous naysayers and know-it-alls get caught with their pants down they just hit the delete key and pretend it didn’t happen.

Sorry folks, stunts like that are not gonna fly – especially from the two or three masked nitwits that lurk on the Times-Call discussions waiting to slam anyone they don’t like – FRL seems to really upset them. When you’re wrong, own up. It’s the adult thing to do.

The mayor’s wife suggested that Longmont try and “get a Chuck E Cheese franchise” or a “bigger bouncy castle place” so parents would have somewhere to take kids for birthdays. Yeah, that’s going to bring in a ton of jobs and tax revenue. With ‘thought leadership’ like that Longmont will be a fading memory in no time.

Just after being elected, newly-minted Councilmember Katie Witt asked me for a suggestion of what kind of business Longmont might try and attract – I suggested any of a number of data-warehousing firms since Longmont has an excellent fiber-optic network and it would be a huge attraction for any high-traffic internet industry. Haven’t heard a peep about it since. Apparently she’s still working through ‘Inturnetz fur Dummiez V2’ and it takes a long time to read when you have to sound out the words.

The information industry continues to grow and numerous experts point out that education is becoming a crucial need in this country. However, with the current crop of tax-cut-crazed teabaggers running the show we’ll be hard-pressed to have any primary education, let alone any high-tech education. Tons of our IT jobs went to India and China and with the ‘who cares?’ attitude of the 50s-era relics in this country they won’t be coming back any time soon – and neither will the tax revenue they generate.

What surprises me most is that none of the deep-pocket true-blue “patriots” seems interested in helping people get better jobs or making Longmont a place that attracts smart young professionals. That’s odd since it would be ‘privatized education’ and that’s one of their own endlessly-hammered talking points.

Apparently it’s just a talking point and not really an honest intent.

Golly. I’m shocked.

* I’ve added the exact comment since it also came via an Intense Debate email alert 8/10/2011 10:30 PM. hi bob!

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