Where’s Private Money for Training Centers?

Where are the private investors?

In a comment stream at the Times-Call I suggested:

“The internet is growing steadily and technical skills are always in demand. Why not try and attract a company that offers training and certifications? Boulder Digital Arts has done well with that. “

and a user with an anonymous pseudonym (Fizzizzle Kizzizzle) shot back:

You mean like IBMC that recently opened a Longmont campus and is currently expanding? I agree – and it’s already being done.

Curious, I checked with the folks at IBMC – here’s the chat stream:

Sender Message
Greg says: Hi! Thank you for visiting the Institute of Business and Medical Careers providing quality education to students for over 20 years. Let me know if I can answer any preliminary questions or help you find anything on the website. Are you looking for a new career?
FRL: Do you offer any internet technology classes? HTML? CSS? Web technology?
Greg says: Let me check on that for you.
Greg says: Which campus are you thinking about attending?
FRL: I’m considering sending my daughter for classes in web technology. Do you offer any?
Greg says: Okay. Which campus are you inquiring about?
FRL: Longmont but do ANY of the campii offer internet technology classes?
Greg says: Alright. One moment please as I check on that.
FRL: I don’t see anything on the website about them.
Greg says: Thanks for waiting. The programs offered at our Longmont Campus, Colorado are: Administrative Assistant – Certificate, Business Administration & Accounting – Certificate & Degree, Medical Assistant – Diploma & Degree, Pharmacy Technician – Degree, Medical Billing & Coding – Diploma & Degree, Paralegal – Certificate & Degree, and Therapeutic Massage – Diploma & Degree.
FRL: So, in a word, no?
Greg says: The ones I mentioned above are the only programs we offer at the campus.
FRL: I repeat my question from earlier: do ANY of the campii teach internet technology classes? Yes or No please, no list of other courses needed.
Greg says: It is not available at the other campuses.

Their words. They don’t teach any internet technology classes. Hopefully they will soon.

I went back to the Times-Call and left this response:

“No, not like IBMC – they’re a business college and don’t teach internet technologies. So it’s not being done and there’s a definite need.”

And wouldn’t ya know, ‘Fizzizzle Kizzizzle’s comment was gone less than a minute later*. Poof.

I guess when the clueless, anonymous naysayers and know-it-alls get caught with their pants down they just hit the delete key and pretend it didn’t happen.

Sorry folks, stunts like that are not gonna fly – especially from the two or three masked nitwits that lurk on the Times-Call discussions waiting to slam anyone they don’t like – FRL seems to really upset them. When you’re wrong, own up. It’s the adult thing to do.

The mayor’s wife suggested that Longmont try and “get a Chuck E Cheese franchise” or a “bigger bouncy castle place” so parents would have somewhere to take kids for birthdays. Yeah, that’s going to bring in a ton of jobs and tax revenue. With ‘thought leadership’ like that Longmont will be a fading memory in no time.

Just after being elected, newly-minted Councilmember Katie Witt asked me for a suggestion of what kind of business Longmont might try and attract – I suggested any of a number of data-warehousing firms since Longmont has an excellent fiber-optic network and it would be a huge attraction for any high-traffic internet industry. Haven’t heard a peep about it since. Apparently she’s still working through ‘Inturnetz fur Dummiez V2’ and it takes a long time to read when you have to sound out the words.

The information industry continues to grow and numerous experts point out that education is becoming a crucial need in this country. However, with the current crop of tax-cut-crazed teabaggers running the show we’ll be hard-pressed to have any primary education, let alone any high-tech education. Tons of our IT jobs went to India and China and with the ‘who cares?’ attitude of the 50s-era relics in this country they won’t be coming back any time soon – and neither will the tax revenue they generate.

What surprises me most is that none of the deep-pocket true-blue “patriots” seems interested in helping people get better jobs or making Longmont a place that attracts smart young professionals. That’s odd since it would be ‘privatized education’ and that’s one of their own endlessly-hammered talking points.

Apparently it’s just a talking point and not really an honest intent.

Golly. I’m shocked.

* I’ve added the exact comment since it also came via an Intense Debate email alert 8/10/2011 10:30 PM. hi bob!

  2 comments for “Where’s Private Money for Training Centers?

    August 13, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    Shucks; if you educate your workforce employers might have to PAY them more. We can’t have that! It’s backwards, I know (I’m thinking of 1992, coming out of a little national recession the Denver region attracted quite a few employers because there was a high-quality (and reasonably priced) work force in place there). Hey; if people have to worry where the next meal is coming from, it can either make them more malleable or it can lead to political motivation. To borrow a phrase, the far wrong may be taking a calculated risk that it can shape any such motivation to its ends. The Tea “party” already appears to be doing just that. You want fries with that?

  2. August 13, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    Well, a perfect example of the results of outsourcing: StorageTek, once one of the biggest employers in the valley, ‘outsourced’ it’s IT dept to EDS (remember them?) and EDS immediately started ‘offshoring’ those jobs to India. Now StorageTek, EDS AND THE JOBS are GONE, never to return. Oh, the guys at the top made a nice profit but now there’s NO MORE. You’d think these ‘captains’ of industry would have the wits not to keep scuttling the ships they’re helming. Bunch of lethal morons.

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