Buses ordered by Secret Service

Chris Douse published a letter panning the president’s bus (Times-Call, Aug. 26). Either he has been watching too much Fox News or is unaware of the facts. President Obama had nothing to do with the purchase of the two buses. The Secret Service, charged with the president’s safety, purchased them. In past campaigns the buses had been leased, greatly modified with the necessary communications equipment, and then torn down again after it was over — a very expensive process.

Much has been made of the fact that they were built in Canada. No U.S. companies were equipped to manufacture to the required specifications. This company produced the buses used for previous campaigns as well. No outcry there.

Only the shells were built in Canada; the modifications were done in the U.S. The bus used by the president would have to be equipped with top-secret secure electronics to allow safe instant communications anywhere in the world.

Contrary to Mr. Douse’s statement about Obama’s 2008 campaign, I think you will find that the government provided transportation and protection for him and John McCain once they both had won the nomination. By the way, the Secret Service is not only charged with protecting the president but also the challenger as soon as one emerges.

Purchasing and maintaining the buses should be more economical than constantly leasing and ripping them up.

I gather Mr. Douse doesn’t like Mr. Obama. I hope he is not elderly or poor, requiring help from the safety net in place. If the Republicans take full control, the huge cuts in the safety net passed by the House but blocked by the Senate and president will sail right through. If that happens, Mr. Douse may wish Mr. Obama was back to block some of them.

Be careful what you wish for.

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