Fair Farm Bill Potluck at Progressive Center

Friday, August 26 at 6:30pm at 723 Main St. (The Progressive Center) Longmont citizens gathered to discuss the Fair Farm Bill over a potluck dinner.

Representatives of Food & Water Watch spoke and there was a lively discussion!

FRL was there and here’s a few pictures of the event (click to enlarge).

Longmont Youth For Equality (LYFE) had three representatives, all of whom graciously agreed to be photographed with Lady Liberty as a fitting backdrop.

Thanks for stepping up folks, we’re glad you’re here.

(left to right): Anna Gutierrez, Garrison Bennet, Elizabeth Gutierrez

Anna Gutierrez and Elizabeth Gutierrez


Anna Gutierrez


Elizabeth Gutierrez



Peggy Jackson

To find more information about upcoming events or to connect with Longmont’s Progressive community, go to http://www.723main.org/

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