Zweck family moves to preserve agriculture

Boulder County agriculture division helps keep urban sprawl at bay
By Colleen O’Connor
The Denver Post

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Tom Zweck ready to plant tomatoes

LONGMONT — Four generations of the Zweck family have farmed on the west edge of town, but when the fifth opted out, the 230-acre operation seemed doomed to development.

“The city limits are right on our fence,” said John Zweck, whose great-grandfather George Zweck purchased the property in 1863 from a Civil War veteran.

Instead of selling their riverfront property to developers, the Zwecks offered their land to Boulder County’s Open Space Agricultural Resources Division.

This is great news.

The Zwecks have been a part of Longmont since 1863 and have fought back developers and tolerated abuse from the local airport yet they decided to do something that would help keep a part of Boulder County un-paved for future generations to enjoy and, heaven forfend, grow food on.

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  1 comment for “Zweck family moves to preserve agriculture

  1. Gregory Iwan
    September 3, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    I’d bet these fine people are none too popular with the “powers that be” (or wish they were) around here. 230 acres doesn’t sound like a lot, but that can feed 40 people these days in an “advanced” society, absent the sodie pop. Maybe they don’t own an SUV, either. Or, God forbid, a firearm. Never trust an enlightened and independent individual. I’m using there all those terms in their highest form, not the way Jon Caldara would. By the way, if you examine what comes out of Caldara’s inkwell these days you’re also going to see a name known for Constitutional wrinkles. One Rob Natelson, Esq., late of Missoula, MT, was known to me a lot of years ago, when he lived in BOULDER. A man of some intellectual force, so don’t debate him. Just know that he will gladly take us back to Adam Smith days and feel proud to do so. A word to the wise.

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